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Ray Kay is a Norwegian director and photographer, based in Los Angeles. He is the most watched director of music videos right now.

All in all, Ray Kay’s music videos have been viewed more than 3 Billion times on YouTube. And his video for Justin Bieber’s “Baby” is the 2nd most viewed video ever on internet, with over 1 Billion views.

He has won numerous music video awards, including MTV Awards.


“I believe due to my vast travels and the enormous amount of visual input, this gave me a certain unique perspective on life, beauty and people,” explains Michael, about what led him to his career as a photographer.

Having lived in or visited almost forty countries, Michael finally returned to the USA in his mid-twenties. At this point, his work moved from photo-journalism to creative photography and advertising. Eventually, his focus turned to fashion photography. “My work so far had been capturing situations I’d see, but at this point I turned my energy to creating a concept, capturing it, and delivering it to a certain market.” This new path led Michael to work on campaigns featured in Flaunt, GQ, ELLE, and numerous other magazines.


Vitaly is a director and producer with over a decade of experience forming brand partnerships with leading brands and talent across multiple industries. His diverse background in digital media, marketing, advertising, and sales enable Reznik to find ways to blend the ingredients that bring ideas to life. His distinctively personal approach to delivering for his clients has quickly established Reznik as leader in the branded content industry..

“My multi cultural background and experience in business, travel, and relationships with people from all over the world have given me a deep understanding of what sparks the senses. I live to connect, experience, energize and create. I strive to push everyone around me in a positive direction.”